Hellow world!

Hey there, I am Manas Kocharekar, and I am the founder of Progressive Bit MediaTech. I started this company in April of 2019, but never got around to start a blog on it. So let me welcome you here.

We are a software and media company as the name suggests. We develop websites and web applications as a primary offering. These vary from consumer facing websites for companies to customised CRM & ERP systems for our clients. Some of the web applications that we have developed include CRMs for multi-city gyms, beach hotels in Bali, E-learning platforms for a Mumbai based company and many more.
Some of the other major services that we offer are SEO consultation, Digital Media Marketing and also Business Strategy Consultation and we have had many clients that are local businesses as well as newly founded NGOs. It really feels great to help out people that are trying to help the underprivileged.

Apart from all these great services we also intend to launch a couple of products in the this year that will help local businesses grow their client base and progress digitally in the future, so stay tuned for that.

That’s enough about us, if you find anything that we do interesting, write to us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and if you prefer a little more formal form of communication then write to me at [email protected].


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