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Is SEO dead in 2023?

“Is SEO dead?”

This must be one of the most popular click-bait strategy on YouTube to accumulate tons of views. Ironically SEO is the reason these videos are getting so much traction on the platform because YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, and these videos are “optimised” to rank higher in the search result pages!!

But the major concern is, even digital marketing experts and companies are also pushing this idea that SEO is not that important anymore, because you can just run paid ads and get a lot of clicks on your content. Now, these companies either want to sell their services of paid ad campaigns, or they want to sell courses on paid ad campaigns for the students who want to acquire new skills for the job market.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to advertise your services and offerings to do business, we as a company have services that we would like to get some clients for as well. But due to this aggressive campaigning against SEO many businesses have started paying a lot less attention towards the SEO needs of their website and jumping directly to the paid campaigns to gain fast results. Moving forward in this direction can prove fatal for your business in a long term.

So, if you are a business or a creator looking to get more eyeballs on your products/services/creations do read on..

First of all, we’re not trying to bash paid ads at all. We at Progressive Bit MediaTech provide paid ad campaigns services for Google, Facebook as well as Instagram. We wouldn’t attack one of our own services. Paid ads are a great tool if you want to draw attention to something in a short time. They provide options to run targeted campaigns and reach exact segment of potential customers in the ocean of internet users.

So does SEO still matter, if you can just buy your traffic? Absolutely!! Here’s why:

1. SEO improves user experience: A website that focuses on their SEO loads fast, is easy to navigate and answers visitors query quickly. That helps in building trust and credibility in people and also lead to higher user engagement and conversions.

If your visitors are spending more time on your website, they have a lot of opportunity to recognise your value and possibly give you their business. Any business transaction needs time and consideration of your potential client, which well optimised website will help you achieve.

2. A long term game: While ads can bring in the traffic in fast and in bulk, that traffic comes in only as long as your campaigns are running. As soon as you stop funding those campaigns all that traffic disappears overnight. Additionally all that paid visits to the website pass no link authority to your pages, which means in eyes of search algorithm, visits from your ads have no value in the credibility of your website.

On the other hand, SEO is slow and bring in the traffic very slowly in the beginning and grow gradually. The process is time consuming and tedious. But once the algorithm recognises the value of your content, you’ll keep on getting the traffic forever.

SEO is like building a reputation over a period of time to win your position at the table, while paid ads are literally like buying your place at the table. The effects might be immediate, but not long lasting for the paid ads.

So if you are optimising your website for search engines along with running ads, the authority of your domain keeps on increasing as the time passes by and your content keeps up with the quality. It’s exactly like how you you build your credit score, slow and steady!!

3. SEO can complement paid advertising: When you are running ads to get visitors to your website, if the site is already optimised for search engines, the website is already technically and visually ready to convert at a high rate. In order to see the incoming traffic to become paid customers, the incoming visitors should develop trust in the product or service that you are selling. SEO helps a great deal in achieving that.

Your paid campaigns will drive the traffic to your website, but only a good SEO will keep them there until they are convinced of the value your offerings. For this reason it’s a great waste of money if you are not performing SEO of your website before going for any kind of paid advertising campaigns.

SEO is hard

Now, we are aware that SEO is extremely hard.

The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Search engines make changes to their algorithms constantly and your website needs to be updated to follow the current guidelines. You have to constantly generate high quality, keyword-specific, user-friendly content and optimise it on a regular basis.

It is a lot of work. But if you want to build a reputation in your field, it’s never going to be easy. Do not take an easy way out by running ad campaigns and hurt your business in a long term. Let us help you optimise your website for search engines and then consider running ad campaigns to drive traffic to your enhanced, traffic ready website. You don’t invite guests over in your under-construction house, do you?

If you want to discuss anything about your SEO business needs do reach out to us here or just comment down below and we’ll contact you.


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